Losing Friends to Relationships

Why is it that most couples I know stop coming around once they become serious? I understand you want to spend time with each other, but they cut all communications. I’ve heard plenty of friends declaring promises of never ditching their friends for a relationship, but they always leave. I haven’t heard from some of them in years. I’m glad their relationship is going strong, but if I dare send a “How are you doing?” message – I won’t make it to finish anymore posts. Just exaggerating, but I know I’m not alone on this unfair phase of life.

A friend once said, “Because I’m loyal as f***.” Let it be known, I do not have an ounce of interest in this person. I know my boundaries, and I’m confident enough to not jeopardize anyone’s feelings. Heck, I’ll even ask/invite their partners to join us, but I won’t prolong my stay. I know when to take my leave, and no, I am not into polyamorous relationships. I just believe close friendships help you live longer, but a lot of people think it’s best to be with their partners 24/7. I get it. People change, fall in love, but to cut me off because they’re dating? Is it because of their own insecurity? Their own partners insecurities?

All I’m saying is: I’m not demanding for joint custody; I am asking to not be left behind. 


4 thoughts on “Losing Friends to Relationships

  1. Yeah, the other trend is that married people only hang out with married people nowadays. None of the guys I grew up with contact me. Only other married guys.

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