Portland Trip

Last week I went on a quick summer trip in Portland and Seattle. I met up with my sister and friend to sight-see, taste coffee, devour food, and hike around rain forests. It was glorious and our travel plans went smoothly. I cannot wait to return!

Accommodations: Since we didn’t know anyone we stayed in Airbnb homes and Hostels to lower costs. If you don’t know by now, Airbnb are home owners who rent out spare rooms to guests. You can filter it to a private room or have a whole house to yourself. On the other hand, Hostels are a little different from hotels. You share dorm bedrooms and bathrooms with other travelers. It’s not a luxurious place, but sometimes you’ll meet people all over the world staying in the same room with you!

Transportation: We got around by riding Lyft. Even though you can split payments on Lyft, my sister didn’t have an account so they sent money via Facebook payment. Super easy to set up. You don’t need to have the same banks, and you receive money instantly. We also rented Greyhound to Seattle on the 3rd night.

Day activities: We spent time in one of Portland’s Saturday farmers market in the morning. This was located on 2 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204. Afterwards, we took a $5 round trip bus to Moultnomah Falls which was 30 minutes away from Portland. It’s super touristy, but I think the large water fall is worth seeing in your lifetime. Then we headed to eat out at a Korean restaurant named Toji for dinner. Their special is a $20 all you can eat K-barbecue, but we ordered entrees instead (I’m not big into K-barbecue..don’t hate me). The kimchi was really watered down, and the waiter was slow to get to us even though he looked over at us many times. I’ll skip this restaurant next time and head to H-Mart instead.

On the last day of Portland we visited the Japanese Gardens. Again, this is another touristy place but I thoroughly enjoyed each part of it. The gardens were green and lush. The floors were mossy, bamboos growing everywhere, and the koi pond is beautiful to look at. The admission rates varies, but if you have a student ID, bring that with you for a lower rate.

That’s it for now! I’ll be posting about my return to Seattle next Saturday. Enjoy your day lovelies!

Cortada Coffee
Up on Moltnomah water fall
Japanese garden
Japanese garden pond
Koi fish
View from Japanese garden

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