Inktober day 20: deep


Crippling Student Debt & Pornhub Scholarship

Lately, I’ve been stressed about my student loans. It’s almost close to 6 figures, and I wish I would have gone for something else besides library school. There, I said it. I regret going to library school. If I knew it would’ve taken this long to become a librarian then I wouldn’t have signed up for this. I’m so irritated I even signed up for a gofundme account but then deleted it. No one will support that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a law-abiding citizen who makes payments on time, but the interest keeps accruing. I’m barely getting paid, hell I’m not even in middle class. I’m right above poverty. Right now, I’m keeping my head above waters but all of my spending’s have been cut down to basically the essentials to survive.

I should mention I don’t regret going to school at all. It provided the foundation to help me to be aware, educated, and to validate myself when I couldn’t do so back with my dysfunction family. It’s just…I wish I had a mentor to help me with this stuff back in college. I’ve now found the confidence to really believe in myself and I want to pursue art as a second career. I plan to sell art stuff online in the future, but for now, my dreams are at a full stop.

Kids, don’t go to college unless you have your finances figured out. Don’t attend college unless you can get a free ride. Don’t take out loans. Did you know? Pornhub has a $25,000 scholarship for underrepresented women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)? I don’t care if you need to strip your way through college or if you started at a community college. Take all the damn time you need, but don’t give up. Apologies on the rant…